FAQ FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Golf Handicap ?
Is it necessary for me to have a Golf Handicap?

What is the purpose of a USGA Handicap System?
Besides USGA, what are the other Handicapping Systems?
What Handicapping System does Golf Allianze follow?
How does Golf Allianze Issue and Maintian a Golf Handicap?
Does Golf Allianze hold regular activities for Members?
What are the perks & Benefits at Golf Allianze?
How do I obtain a Golf Handicap Index from Golf Allianze ?

How do I Transfer my Current Golf Handicap to Golf Allianze ?

Do I need to Post my Scores after a Round of Golf?

How do I post my Scores? Can the Committee do adjustments?
All about Course & Slope Ratings

What is Equitable Stroke Control?
What is a Course Handicap?
What is a Handicap Differential?
How can I check my Current Handicap Index?
Score posted on Iwin Golf  are not on National Handicap Book?
What should I do if I have lost my Golf Allianze Handicap Card?
What should I do if I need an Endorsement Letter?
Queries on Golfer’s Insurance/ Details & Claims Procedures

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