Frequently Asked Questions on Posting of Scores for Golf Handicap

Q: What is Equitable Stroke Control (ESC)?

A: Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) is the system put in place by the USGA to eliminate the effect of "disaster holes.
" A situation where you put three balls in the water and then 5-putt!. It’s also a way to combat sandbaggers who intentionally blow up on a hole in order to raise their handicap index.
Equitable Stroke Control puts a limit on the number of strokes you can write down on the scorecard for any one hole, based on your course handicap.

For example, on that one disaster hole you might have taken 14 strokes to get the ball in the cup. But based on your course handicap, ESC might require you to post only a "7" on the scorecard you turn in.  To determine the Equitable Stroke Control limits for your round, you must first know your course handicap. Once you’ve determined your course handicap, you can check the chart down below (which should also be available at golf courses) to determine the ESC limits. Here is the chart that shows ‘ESC’ limits:

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Course Handicap

Maximum Score

0 - 9

Double Bogey

10 - 19


20 - 29


30 - 39


40 or more