Frequently Asked Questions on Golf Handicaps

Q: Handicap from a recognized handicap body other than USGA?

A: The recognized non USGA International handicaps are generally those issued by CONGU (Council of National
Golf Unions UK), AGU (now Golf Australia), JGA (Japanese Golf Association),EGA (European Golf Association),
and SAGA (South African Golf Association).

When a new member with an internationally recognized handicap joins a club, our Handicap Committee would
assign a USGA Handicap Index based on documentary evidence, confirming club membership and handicap or
after an optional Courtesy Round.

The assigned Handicap Index will be identified with the remark “Committee Assigned Handicap”.

The player’s “Committee Assigned Handicap” will be confirmed after the posting of adjusted gross scores for at
least five 18 hole or ten 9 hole or an equivalent combination, of rounds from golf courses that have USGA Course
and Slope Rating.

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