Frequently Asked Questions on Posting of Scores for Golf Handicap  

Q: Can my Handicap Index be adjusted by the Handicap Committee?

A: Yes, your Handicap Committee has the responsibility to ensure that your Handicap Index reflects your potential ability and will adjust it, if necessary.  However, the Handicap Committee must give you the opportunity to explain the circumstances surrounding the proposed adjustment, either in writing or appearing before them before the adjustment becomes effective.  An adjusted Handicap Index will be identified with a letter "M".  Some examples of the circumstances which may prompt your Handicap Committee to adjust or withdraw your Handicap Index include:

     (a). improving faster than the system can react; (b). persistent failure to post acceptable scores; 
     (c) . posting erroneous scores or manipulating scores

Q: How can I submit my scores?

A: The Handicap Committee will accept scores submitted by fax, email, or e-submission online.

If submitting online, please obtain a password form our admin and proceed to post online.

If submitting by email, please adopt the following format.

      1) Player’s Name and Membership Number:  
2) Date of the game:    
3) Course Name:  
4) USGA Course Rating and Slope Rating of the Course played:  
5) Indicated if you teed off from Blue/ White/ Red Tee:
6) Adjusted Score (using Equitable Score Control or ESC):  
7) Is this a Tournament Score? Yes/No

Note: You do not have to submit hole by hole scores, just your total score adjusted for ESC.
However, the Handicap Committee may from time to time require a member to submit attesting scorecards to
assist the committee to meet its responsibilities.

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