Frequently Asked Questions on Posting of Scores

Q: What is Handicap Differential?

A: Handicap differential is a term applied to the difference between your score and the course rating, adjusted for slope. The number that results is used in the calculations that determine your handicap index.

Handicap differential is not a number you have to worry about unless you are one of those who likes to do the math behind the handicap index. For the record ... the equation to get handicap differential is this: (Score minus Course Rating) x 113 divided by Slope Rating.  

Q: Why is my score always higher than my handicap?

A: You have noticed that your scores always seem to be a few strokes higher than your course handicap. Is your handicap off? What’s going on?

This is common and to be expected. For course handicaps to track with your actual scores, they would have to be based on an average of all your rounds.

But the handicapping system is not meant to represent your average score. It’s meant to represent your potential. Think of course handicaps as representing the score you should shoot on your best day. Therefore, most golfers do find that their actual scores tend to be a little higher than their course handicaps.

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