Frequently Asked Questions about a Golf Handicap

Q: What should I do if I have lost my Golf Allianze Membership and Handicap Card?

A: You may request for a reprint service. There will be a fee of $30.00 for this service. However, if your card expires in less than 6 months, you may do an early renewal without having to pay for any reprint charges. You will only need to pay the renewal fees instead.

Q: What should I do if I need an Endorsement Letter from Golf Allianze?

A: You may send an email request to us for Endorsement.

Some Amateur Tournaments or Junior Events may require the Endorsement of handicaps and or golfer’s insurance
prior to their participation. At such instances, Members may scan and email the Entry Forms to us and we will help
to Endorse the Forms via email. Endorsement letters may be given out as a temporary measure when Members
require the Handicap Cards Urgently whilst the cards are still being processed.

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