Frequently Asked Questions on Posting of Scores for Golf Handicap

Q: Do I need to post all my scores?

A: If you play 13 holes or more, you must post an 18 hole card, and if you play 7 holes and less than 13, you must
post a 9 hole card.

All unfinished holes (including holes where strokes are conceded) are recorded with the most likely score for handicap purposes, must not exceed member’s Equitable Stroke Control and proceeded by an “X”.
Scores are not posted if the majority of holes are not played under the principles of the Rules of Golf. (e.g. Texas Scrambles, Alternate Shots)
Holes not played or not played under the Rules of Golf are recorded with a score of par plus any handicap strokes entitled and preceded with an “X”. 
(e.g. X-5)

Q: What happens if I do not post an acceptable score?

A: If you do not post an acceptable score as soon as practical after playing a round, the Handicap Committee will
post a penalty score.  The penalty score will be equal to the lowest or highest Handicap Differential in your scoring record depending on the circumstances determined by the Handicap Committee.

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