Frequently Asked Questions on Golfer’s Insurance

1. Does Golfer's Insurance cover me when I accidentally hit someone with the golf ball while playing golf on a golf course?
Yes, Golfer's Insurance covers your liability towards the public when you are playing or practising golf on any golf course or driving range. It not only covers your liability towards the public for bodily injury, it also provides coverage against accidental loss or damage of property.

2. What can I claim for if I scored a hole-in-one?
We will pay you the cost of hospitality extended (for food and beverages only) in the event of you scoring a hole-in-one whilst playing in any competition and/or friendly game in any recognised golfcourse up to the specified sum insured. For hole-in-one claims, we will require a properly authenticated certificate issued by the appropriate golf club; and the original bills for extending the hospitality relating to food and beverages only.
Date of such bills incurred should not be more than 48 hours from your hole-in-one shot.

3. If I am traveling from the airport to my hotel and then to the golf course, will I be covered for any loss or damage to my golf equipment throughout the journey?
No. Only the journey to and fro from your hotel and the golf course is covered. The journey from the airport to your hotel will not be covered.

4. Will I be covered for the loss of my personal belongings?
Yes, you will be covered for the loss of your personal belongings (excluding golfing equipments) within any recognised golf club houses.

5. How do I make a claim?
You can complete the claim form and send it to us. Please kindly refer to our claim form for a list of required supporting documents.

Click Here for the Claim Form

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