Frequently Asked Questions on Posting of Scores for Golf Handicap

Q: Why aren't the scores which I posted on iwin golf not reflected on the National Handicap Book Immediately.?

A: The Singapore Golf Association (SGA) maintains  the online National Handicap Book for all members of
Ordinary & Associate clubs. This book is updated on the first day of every month.

The  Score Card Data input via the online scores submission in the iwin golf program is “Live” and can only be viewed “Live” in the peer review section within the iwin golf program.

These Data will then be compiled, populated, adjusted and then uploaded  to the National Handicap Book at the
end of each month. The  Updated Data will then be  reflected in the National Handicap Book on the 1st of the
following month . Example: Data input in Jan 2015 will be visible from 1st Feb 2015 etc . . .

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