USGA - Handicap Maintenance

Step 1: Join Golf Allianze as a Member.
Step 2: Book for a PC Test (Proficiency Certificate).
Applicants may omit Step 2, if they already have an existing Proficiency Certificate issued by a Golf Club or a Golf Academy.
Step 3: Attend a Golf  Rules Workshop.  
Step 4: Submit Scorecards from recently played golf games.
Step 5: Book for a Courtesy Round/ Handicap Test.
Obtain a GAZ Membership Card with a USGA Handicap Index.

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Applying for a PC - Proficiency Certificate or a Handicap ?

If you’re a Beginner in Golf & do not have a PC to Begin with . . .
Please Select Ordinary Membership - Platinum Lite Card to obtain a PC

If you already have a valid PC Select Ordinary Membership
- Platinum Card to obtain a USGA Handicap Index

Please Select the Appropriate Certification Proficiency Certificate Handicap Index