New Application of Ordinary Membership - Platinum Lite Card with Proficiency Certificate - PC

Item 1:

Charges Include:    - One Time PC Test
                                                                                                  - Annual Membership &  Proficiency Certificate - PC

Charges Exclude:  - Golfers Insurance

  One Year Membership Term:

  *  Please scroll down to select on “Golfer’s Insurance” if you require the Optional Services:

Type: Applicants with No Previous Record of Proficiency Certificate - PC

  Two Year Membership Term:







Please Specify Application Details for PC

Optional Services

Item 2:



Payment via PayPal for New Application of Ordinary Membership - Platinum Card


Payment for  Golf Allianze Membership & Services

Instructions to Applicants:

1. Choose the appropriate Type of Membership/ Age Group and click on the Radio Button.

2. The “Add to Cart” Button will direct you to the PayPal Shopping Cart page which will show the list of all the Items selected for payments.

3. If you are making payments
for additional services, “Continue Shopping” from the Shopping Cart page and repeat the actions by clicking on another Radio Button/ Add to Cart and so on….

4. Please take note that Golfer’s Insurance runs concurrently with your Membership Time Line and would be terminated upon the expiry of the Membership.
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5. All New Applicants are
required to attend a PC Test.

6. Upon receipt of your payments, we will proceed to arrange for the printing of your new Membership Card.

* Please contact us at our
24 Hrs Help Line
+65 6747 4898
should you require any assistance.

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