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Associate Member of Singapore Golf Association (SGA)

Option to Reprint Golf Allianze Membership Card


Application for Reprinting of Membership Card

 Members who wish to reprint their Membership Cards may do  so by filling in the necessary details in this Form.

 Please note that a Reprint Fee of $30.00 is chargeable for all  Reprints.


 Lost or Misplaced Membership Cards,

 Change of Membership Photo,

 Wrong spelling or Wrong ID numbers,

 Update Handicap Index etc . . .

 Please note that the Reprint Option is only possible during

 the  current validity period of your Membership.

 This service option is not applicable for Members whose  Membership had expired.

Terms & Conditions Apply:

 To avoid the reprint charges, Members may also do an early  renewal instead by clicking on the following Link:
 Upon renewal, a new membership card will be issued.
 Early Renewal